lianoeil web company has new ideas for web
lianoeil.com offers its experience to support clients project then making it in its best real format.
Why to have a website
being online means keeping connection with your customers, at the same time, you will be able to show data simply and fast using the control panel we give you.
lianoeil.com has launched!
congratulations, lianoeil.com is available to serve
Ext. Mozilla Profile Manager Final Released
You may already know about Mozilla's plan to retire the built-in Firefox profile manager to replace it with an external program called the Profile Manager. This new program, available for all supported operating systems
Next project
our next project is an archive for notes and e-books with a simple search engine for Damascus university, now it is ready in the faculty of economics, handheld version and other faculties archives are coming soon
Why to choose lianoeil.com  
new idea for every website: each project has its properties, and that is whay we have to think different to find the corresponding idea
following new techniques to make your site safe: as long as your project is online, so it is always at risk from hackers, our applications and sites are supported by security system and an other one for daily backup.
our sites are search engine friendly: with this feature, your website (or application too) would be founded and indexed by the search engines, and this will help you to be more widespread and your clients to find you easily.
you can see your website online before receving: just to debug and test by yourself its performance, and this will give you more tranquility.
continuous supporting and checking: never think that you will still alone, our engine will check your site status each month, and we are also available to be your assistant.
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